What Do Saudis Wear Under Their Robes?

What do saundis wear under their robes

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful and exciting place with a vibrant culture and great traditions. One of the identities of the country is the well-known Arabian robe known as the thobe. The thobe is the most common dress in the country and comes in different designs, colours, patterns and qualities. So, in this post, I … Read more

Can You Wear A Robe In A Sauna?

Can you wear a robe in a sauna

Sauna is a very warm place where you can melt stress and pain and gain back strength. It is now possible to have one in your house if you have the fund. In this post, you will learn more about wearing robes to the sauna and other vital information to improve your Sauna experience. So, … Read more

What Do Priest Wear Under Their Robes?

What do priest wear under their robes

Have you ever wondered why priests put on some many pieces under their robes? If you have been to a Catholic, Anglican, Methodist. Lutheran and other orthodox churches, you would have noticed that they put on different pieces of clothes under their robes. Each of these clothes has its purpose and significance. This article will … Read more